The Place



Anapra is a neighborhood of Juarez, a city deemed to be the most dangerous in the world. Many changes have come to Anapra in the past 25 years according to E, “It reminds me whenI first moved to Anapra. There was only one little store and it was quite a walk in the heatof July. With very loose sand, I only made one trip per day if I needed something early inthe morning hoping to not forget what I needed.” Now Anapra is home to three elementaryschools, one junior high school, two high schools, one technical college, one gasoline station,two propane gas places and a supermarket. Much progress but many more needs. Thoughthe front porches of Anapra look out over the Mexico – U.S. border onto the verdant lawns ofthe United States, many of the luxuries we take for granted are not readily available to theircommunity. Paved streets, potable water, steady employment, safety, even education – noneare guaranteed to our neighbors to the south – and neither are books.